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New Character
Meet Hiromi, a rather wealthy girl who runs Luna Somnium, a highly successful company that has been in her family for generations and also owns many other companies from various different industries, meaning that if you want something she probably owns a company which can give it to you, which explains her great fortune. Those who know her personally would tell you she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and she always likes to help people. This picture is inaccurate however, as she is actually quite fat in real life. Her lovely curvaceous figure is of course thanks to her ravenous appetite, often she can be found at a 5-star restaurant, in a nice dress that makes her curves more apparent, eating 1 or 2 of everything on the menu. She doesn't mind being fat at all, she loves it. She would argue that it makes her "better for snuggling up to in bed" Huggle! , and I am certainly not going to dispute that. Her ravenous appetite is thanks to her love of food, in fact she once wanted to be a chef and then she inherited her family's fortune and business and that's where she is now, but she still often experiments in the kitchen where she makes some of the best food in the world that is so good it would put many great chefs to shame, though she is the main consumer of all of her baked goods but does like to make food for others too. Then again she also owns various bakeries, food-related factories, and restaurants so it only makes since for her to like her own products.

Now it is such a bizarrely improbable coincidence that this would all happen to a girl like Hiromi that some may guess that some supernatural force caused this all to happen. Which is actually correct but it is her own power that she got to where she is still as she is a goddess. She came to Earth in the interest of helping humans return to a state of being that they were once in: a peaceful state where everyone got along with each other and saw the good qualities rather than the flaws of each other.


I made this character as my idea of 'absolute perfection in a humanoid form' which is why she is my idea of beautiful and sexy and therefore a goddess. Also she has the qualities that consider good for people to have: she's kindhearted and wants to help others, though she is rich she give her wealth to charity rather than being selfish with it. I also made her have a love for food based on the Greek mythological concept of Ambrosia, a food or drink that gives the gods immortality.
(I don't believe in Greek mythology, I believe in Shintoism if you must know).

Her love for food is why I also made her a good cook, so that she can make what she loves, also being the cook means she can have excuses for eating more (ex. "That last batch of cupcakes wasn't good enough to serve everybody, so I ate them and made some more for everyone else."). I made her rich because I've always liked 'fancy fat', that is characters who are fat and dressed in fancy attire as if they were royalty or wealthy, but at the same time I've always liked business attire on fat characters too so I made her a wealthy CEO who dines at 5-star restaurant. I also made her a goddess because I like divine. (Yes I'm a girl but I am also bisexual, though I prefer females more to males I can find both attractive).

Now this whole 'absolute perfection' thing is just what I've been calling it. I wanted to make a goddess like character and thus be everything I think is good. So I made Hiromi. Her blonde hair and blue eyes was something I chose because it looked nice on her, I tried her with brown hair and green eyes but this is what I eventually chose. I gave her glasses because I like glasses for some reason, I think they make her look cute.

Also her name is a pun, Hiromi is a Japanese name meaning 'abundant beauty' which Hiromi is seeing how she's a very big beautiful woman after all. I like making characters like that, I normally give my Pokemon names like that such as Kasumi the Kairyu (Dragonite) Kasumi meaning mist and Kairyu being a water type Pokemon.

Made with Mega Anime Character Creator over on

With everything I've said please be nice in the comment section, I can take criticism but don't be a bully about this.
Please lets not have any arguments about religion, politics, sexuality, or fat fetishism. 



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